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Ruen Thai Massage & Spa

Your face and body reflect your inner feeling and tension,which arise from the stress and strain of our modern busy lifestyle.Allow yourself to relax and receive a total mind and body experience, leaving you glowing with health and vitally.

Health Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage by skilled and friendly staff. Provide with Comfortable and clean surroungding.

Massage Type Time Price
- Foot Massage 1 Hr. 350 Baht
A manual foot massage based on the principle that the reflex point will correspond to each organ, gland and structure in the body. When massage is combined with right amount of pressure, tension all over the body can be immediately reduced.
- Thai Massage 1 Hr.
2 Hr.
500 Baht
650 Baht
An ancient art originating from temple grounds, using age old techniques to relieve pain and stress accumulated in sore muscles. Focus is applied on pressure points, muscles, joints and figaments to provide you with a wonderful healing experience.
- Oil Massage 1 Hr.
1.30 Hr.
2 Hr.
600 Baht
800 Baht
950 Baht
Ideal after a long work out or sports competition. This special deep-tissue massage is designed to relieve and prevent muscle soreness ans ease away pain from tired joints resulting from over exertion or intensive exercise.
- Aroma Therapy 1 Hr.
2 Hr.
900 Baht
1,500 Baht
The Massage works wonders,it washes away the toxics from within yours skin and refreshes you.
- 3 In 1 [ Thai , Oil , Foot ] 1.30 Hr.
2 Hr.
800 Baht
950 Baht
- Foot Spa 80 Mins. 650 Baht
- Milk Massage 1 Hr. 800 Baht
- Facial Massage 1 Hr. 1,200 Baht
- Body Spa 2 Hr. 2,500 Baht
- Hot Stones Massage 2 Hr. 2,500 Baht


Special Promotion [ Only 1,200 Baht ]
[ Oil Massage 1 Hr. + Face 7 Steps 1 Hr. ]

*** Facial Massage By Nutural Herbs 7 System **

  • Facial Cleaning
  • Steam Aerosol
  • Whitening Scrub
  • Face Massage
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Collagen Mark
  • Moisturizer